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Amanda Cornish

Amanda Cornish studied at Chelsea School of Art and has since exhibited extensively both in Britain and abroad.


Cornish began her artistic career as a representational and tonal artist. However, she is currently exploring abstraction, evolving her style to simple block-like divisions of colour fields and patterns.


Her move from Scotland to the Continent in the early 2000s brought with it, not only a dramatic change in style, but also palette. The influences of the Continental light are clearly evident in a cleaner, more vivid, yet still inherently tonal, palette of blues and greens.

Her subject matter is taken from the world around her, whether it be a pile of old canvasses against the wall in her studio, the flat landscape of northern France, the lake and mountains around Geneva, or her children.


After numerous sketches, all is simplified down to its basic shape, whether it is the linear quality of the vineyards, a horizon line, a division of light on the lake or the weight of the human form. These structures are arranged into mosaic-like slabs of impasto blocks, showing traces of brush or palette knife marks, applied over thinner, more diluted areas of oil paint.


As well as exhibited works she undertake portrait commissions.


Cornish is currently living in Geneva, with her husband and three children, Crispin, Lola and Algy.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.