Didier Lénart, European Liaison



Didier Lénart brings extensive qualifications and management experience to his role as European Liaison for the Artists’ Collecting Society.


Didier read History of Art at the École du Louvre, took preparation for École Normale Supérieure and completed a degree in Publishing at Asfored. Following work in the PR department of Christian Dior’s head office, he became Head of Communications, Litec Department at Juris Classeurs, Europe’s largest and most prestigious legal publisher. To complement his professional work, Didier also studied Law at the Sorbonne and LLB by correspondence. He joined the Bridgeman Art Library in 1998 to open the first sales base in Paris. When the company bought the Giraudon archive in April 2001, Bridgeman Giraudon was launched with Didier becoming Directeur.



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