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Chris Kenny

Chris Kenny is a British artist known for his three-dimensional ‘drawings’ and collage-constructions made from fragments of maps, strips of found text, or even twigs mounted on pins. Kenny has exhibited with England & Co for over a decade, and also participated in many of the gallery’s group exhibitions, including The The Map Is Not the Territory series, After a Fashion, Literary Constructs, Persistent Obsessions and City X. He was included in Slash: Paper Under the Knife at the Museum of Art & Design, New York; made site-specific works for the exhibition House of Words at Dr Johnson’s House, London; and exhibited with England & Co at Zoo Art Fair in London in 2009, when his three-dimensional text construction/collage Philosophy can damp down the hottest flames of lust was acquired for the collection of The British Museum. Kenny was represented in Mappa Mundi at the Berardo Museum Foundation, Lisbon, Portugal; First Cut at Manchester Art Gallery and currently touring; and Mappamundi, Hotel des Arts, Centre d’Art du Conseil General du Var, Toulon.



His most recent solo exhibition was at England & Co in November 2013, and he recently had an exhibition at Pitzhanger Manor in London.

Courtesy of the artist’s website.