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Endre Roder

Endre Röder was born in Budapest in 1933. Between the age of two and fourteen he lived on the Mediterranean island of Malta.



Since 1949 he has resided in England. After completing his secondary education at St John’s College in Portsmouth he completed his National Service in the army, serving in Egypt and Cyprus. In 1954 he trained as a cartographical draughtsman with the Ordnance Survey and in 1955 studied architecture, abandoning this to become an art student and qualifying in 1960.



He taught art in secondary schools, polytechnics and colleges of further education before being appointed Education Services Curator with Sheffield City Art Galleries. He left this position in 1974 to lecture in art history at Bretton Hall (South Yorkshire) where he taught up to post-graduate level. Since 1988 he worked as a full-time painter.


He has owned his own studio gallery in Sheffield and now lives and works in Swanage.



Courtesy of the artist’s website.