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Adébayo Bolaji

London-based Adébayo Bolaji is a self-taught, multidisciplinary artist.


“Bolaji describes his style of painting as a form of psychoanalysis. Rich with references to personal history, as well as cultural notes from his Nigerian heritage and home city, London, Bolaji’s colourful and animated canvases unfold organically from within. His process can be characterised as a kind of liberating play in which his emphasis on following and trusting the line as well as his instinctual choice of colour is fundamental. Sigmund Freud cited play as a means of healing: it allows for the expression and reconciliation of unconscious emotions and anxieties. It is an apt metaphor for Bolaji’s paintings, for play transgresses the barrier between the individual’s inner world and the world outside.” – Lucy Walmsley, TANK Magazine.


Information courtesy of the artist’s website.