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Alan Glasby
(1945 — 2008)

Born in Derbyshire, Glasby was educated at Chesterfield Grammar School for Boys. Though interested in the arts, Glasby initially spent 35 years of his life working as an explosives engineer. His work was greatly admired, and Glasby was awarded the George Medal for vital bomb disposal duties in 1974, and was later bestowed the title of O.B.E. for his work in 1991. Glasby’s interest in ammunition was not only professional but recreational, and his talent with target rifle shooting won him Her Majesty the Queen’s Medal for Champion Shot in the British Army.


Glasby had always had a profound interest in the arts, but it was not until 1988 that he started sculpting. He had no artistic training, but this allowed him to develop a unique style that did not mimic previous masters of the field. Glasby worked in various media, from polished natural wood to bronze. His work is widely collected internationally, and has been presented to members of the Royal Family. His work continues to bring pleasure to nature and wildlife lovers.