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Alastair Michie
(1921 — 2008)


Alastair Michie was born in St. Omer, France in 1921 and upon turning twelve, relocated to a school in Scotland. It was here he obtained a scholarship to study Architecture at the University of Edinburgh. However, due to the outbreak of World War Two, he left prematurely to join the RAF as a night fighter pilot. Once the war had ended, his technical ability as a draughtsman flourished in the art of illustration.


In the 60s, Alastair Michie was exposed to the work of American Abstract Expressionists in Venice, notably Mark Rothko and Robert Motherwell. This pre-empted his appetite for painting and sculpture, where he predominantly worked with acrylic and mixed media, taking inspiration from Dorset’s landscapes and coastlines. In 1984, Alastair Michie was elected to the Royal West of England Academy, he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and was given an Honorary Doctorate of Arts by Bournemouth University.


His work has and continues to be acquired by museums and private collections globally.