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Alfred Fontville de Breanski
(1877 — 1957)

Famous for his resplendent views of Wales and the Scottish Highlands, Breanski’s work was always a flooded with soft light and reflected the idealistic scenery of the British countryside. Born in London, Breanski came from a family of artists, with both his younger brother and sister also painting. Making his debut at the Royal Academy in 1872, Breanski went onto exhibit there until 1918. The Bishop of Petersborough bought Breanski’s first painting from his exhibition at the Royal Academy and he continued to gain notice from his numerous other patrons, among them; Sir James Lemon and JP. Breanski married a fellow artist, Annie Roberts, in 1873. From their seven children, two would also become artists. In 1880, Breanski became a Freeman of the City of London and his work is now represented in the Southampton Art Gallery, the Laing Art Gallery and Newcastle upon Tyne.