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Andrew Macara

“I have known and admired the work of Andrew Macara for many years, both from his many one-man exhibitions and also his work so often seen in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Although he has painted many different subjects over the years, the subject is always incidental to light. his pictures glow and as with all the best paintings of light they never describe, they are always an equivilent for light – the light comes from the canvas. As well as being full of light they are also full of life. Whether it be life on the beach, in the playground, or in the zoo, he simplifies but always captures the essence of his subject, his work is full of movement, atmosphere and space. Andrew’s work is deservedly popular for he touches the everyday joy of life. His paintings celebrate life and show us a new way of seeing, this quality is that which underlies all true art.” KEN HOWARD.


RA RWS RWA “This artist has developed his own unique way ,using colour, to describe perspective” WILLIAM GEAR, RA.


Andrew Macara studied contemporary modern British Art for a short period with Leonard Fuller at the St Ives School of Painting amongst the Cornwall Art Galleries but considers himself to be predominantly a self taught artist. He was elected a member of the Royal Society of British Artists in 1981 and in 1984 was elected to the New English Art Club. Andrew Macara today has one of the most distinctive styles of present day contemporary British Artists. He is now established as a very collectible contemporary figurative artist and over the years his paintings have proved to be a good British Art Investment.


Andrew Macara travels extensively gathering images for paintings from around the world, but his native Derbyshire continues to feature in many paintings – particularly the Winter scenes. Other subjects with strong demand are Andrew’s British seaside paintings. Recently he has been exploring a new subject matter of reflections, involving a more abstracted painting style.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.