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Anthony Amos
(1950 — 2010)

Amos was born in Bristol and grew up near the docks. Anthony Amos spent this beginning of his career, from the age of 16, working on cargo ship in the Merchant Navy and Amos worked actively to restore Brunel’s SS Great Britain in Bristol. Although only taking up painting much later in his life, his work can clearly be seen to have been inspired by his time at sea. Having moved to Devon in the 1990’s to start his artistic career full time, Amos was able to produce a substantial body of work. He did not use a wide range of colours but employed vigorous expression through the use of his bare hands and rags to reflect life at sea and the unpredictability of the elements faced. Many of his works were produced on a large scale. Amos favoured subjects such as the dry docks or seafarers. His childhood upbringing encompassed his entire artistic career. He exhibited widely throughout England, Ireland and Scotland and received an honour from the Royal Society of Marine Artists.