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Arthur Spooner
(1873 — 1962)

Arthur Spooner was a British painter. Born in Nottingham in 1873, Spooner began his artistic education at the Nottingham School of Art. As his own artistic career developed, the artist was instrumental in establishing and nurturing the artistic community in his native Nottingham. Spooner was a founding member of the Nottingham Society of Artists, which he served as President between the years 1946 – 1962. He taught landscape and figurative painting at his alma mater, the Nottingham School of Art, before being appointed Master of the School.


Spooner was particularly well regarded for his command of landscape painting, his keen ability to convey light and movement evident very early on his career. One of the most distinctive compositions Spooner produced, The Goose Fair, is widely considered to be an important historical depiction of life in his native Nottingham. Completed in 1926 the painting is regarded as one of the most accurate representations of the now defunct Fair, once an important and vibrant part of life in the city. Though beloved in his native Nottingham, Spooner’s appeal reached far beyond the city. The artist was often considered to be among the most accomplished landscape painters of his time. He was a member of the Royal Society of British Artists and exhibited regularly at the Royal Academy, London until his death in 1962. His work can be seen today in the collections of Nottingham Castle and Welbeck Abbey.