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Betty Kim

Betty Kim (b.1996) is a British-Korean artist based in London.


She explores the narratives and stories of people, dealing with themes such as identity and human psychology in the form of traditional and digital paintings, animations and illustrations.


Much like her cultural upbringing as a second-generation diaspora, her visual style embodies her Western influences in the way she employs Impressionistic techniques of mark-making and rough textured brush strokes but captures emotional rawness mainly through the eyes; an Eastern interpretation – reflective of her British-Korean identity.


Scenes from films, faces of characters and actors act as visual motifs and archetypes of visual expression as she explores the narratives and stories of people through the art of projection; dealing with themes such as identity, truth, psychology and the philosophy of human emotion in the form of digital paintings that are then projected onto a various different physical surfaces and mediums.


Her work is an ongoing investigation into answering and questioning what it means to be human.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.