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Bryan Ingham
(1936 — 1997)

Born in Preston and raised in Yorkshire, Ingham did not excel academically however he was surrounded by literature and music and quickly developed a passion for the arts. He joined the Royal Air Force during the Second World War and on his return from Germany announced to his parents that he was to be a painter. He trained at the St Martin’s School of Art, London where he developed his skill before continuing his education at the Royal College of Art. It was here that Ingham first started to explore etching as a medium, and he would later become considered among the most notable etchers of the 20th Century.


Fascinated by Italy, Ingham received the Leverhulme Award and travelled to the English Art School in Rome where he studied the art of the great Renaissance painters. On his return, the artist settled in Cornwall where he taught etching at the Falmouth Art School and at the Farnham Art College. Ingham’s work is held in many private collections throughout Britain and Europe.