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Charles March Gere
(1869 — 1957)

Born in Gloucester, Charles Gere, was known for his Pre-Raphaelite technique. Gere worked as an illustrator and draughtsman and focused mainly on landscape painting in 1900. Gere’s artistic talent gained him a scholarship to the Birmingham School of Art where he would go onto teach. Gere worked as an illustrator with William Morris. Heavily influenced by the Italians, he went onto Italy where he practised tempura painting. Gere gained notice in his numerous exhibitions, most notably at the New Gallery, the Carfax Gallery and the Royal Academy. Gere exhibited with his sister Margaret in 1912, who was also an artist. He became an active member of the N.E.A.C, the R.W.S and the R.A. and was remembered with a retrospective exhibition at Cheltenham in 1947.