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Chloe Barnes

As a London-based artist, I look at the relationship of physical and intangible facets of identity to construct representations that reflect the two. Whilst my practice is a means of self-exploration to understand my own identity and process my lived experiences, the subjects in my work are ambiguous figures which act as a mirror for my audience to connect with and reflect upon.


My practice is rooted in the use of monoprinting, a spontaneous and intuitive process that allows me to create unique and expressive prints. My recent body of monotypes investigates female empowerment through witches and the Greek Heroine, Atalanta. I incorporated costumes, masks and anthropomorphism into my imagery, which allowed me to evoke a deeper sense of storytelling and mystery.


In January 2023, I completed a Masters in Multi-Disciplinary Printmaking from the University of the West of England. Since 2022, I have exhibited across the country, including Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair, the Royal Scottish Academy’s Annual Exhibition and the Royal Society of British Artists Biennial Exhibition, where I was awarded the Hahnemühle Fine Art Award. Most recently, I was also shortlisted for the Margate Art Prize 2023 by Tracey Emin and shortlisted for the ACS Studio Prize.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.