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Christopher Ironside
(1913 — 1992)

Famously remembered for creating and designing the first set of decimal currency produced in the United Kingdom, Christopher Ironside was born in London. Ironside studied at the Central School of Arts and Crafts, and later proved himself to be a versatile artist working as painter, sculptor, draughtsman and designer before dedicating his time to teaching. The artist collaborated regularly with his brother Robin, also an artist, who together specialised in theatrical design and postage stamps. Ironside won the competition held by the Royal Mint to design the first decimal coins of the United Kingdom, and later worked on currency design for Qatar and Dubai. Ironside became known for his coinage work, continuing to receive design commissions on behalf of the Tanzanian and Jamaican governments among others. The artist’s work is remembered internationally for its unique contribution to the history of a variety of countries through his impressive coinage design.