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Daniel Clarke

Daniel Clarke (born 1971) is an Irish-American artist. His work is represented in Europe by the Galerie Francoise Besson. His work as a painter focuses on the formal construction of space, his painting has deep roots with the figure. 2013/4 has seen the removal of the figure after almost 20 years of work concentrating on balance without having to address any whisper of narrative.

Clarke is a painter and sculptor working also in multiples. He has shown his work throughout Europe at prestigious art fairs in Switzerland, Paris, New York, London, Karlsruhe, Berlin, Miami and Bologne. His work is stems out of the figurative, exploring both the material and the immaterial. There are several catalogs published on his work with texts by ; Monteburan, Moritz Scheper, Richard Leydier, Anne Malherbe, and Gwilherm Perthuis, Helen Carey, and interviews by Marc Desgrandchamps, Diana Michener & Jim Dine.


He is the father of three boys, Thomas,Henri & August, married to Margaret Johnston, he lives in Paris, France.



Courtesy of the artist’s website.