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Dorothée du Mesnil

Born in 1959.



If you seek paintings that unite the charm of a reality captured with sensitivity and with a heady and creative freedom, you will inevitably find the work of Dorothée MARTIN DU MESNIL.



I admire artists who possess this fascinating duality; who know how to portray the beautiful naturally and share with other art-lovers their innovative character without fuss or pretension.



Dorothée MARTIN DU MESNIL, whose method of composition is carefully planned, espresses her deep sensuality through different themes that interest her, without neglecting for all that her natural ability to produce genuine forms and colours with a vitality and imagination that is both poetic and daring.

Panache, ease, a unique brushstroke and style of composition have allowed the artist to enthrall art-lovers who are stunned and delighted by the enchanting quality of this portrayal of nature that is innovative and yet very close to everybody’s hearts.


Human figures, birds, flowers, landscapes never yield to a wonted approach, but, from the fine detail to the infinitely sensuous and in fact very real bodies, Dorothée MARTIN DU MESNIL has established herself as a great and authentic painter of our time.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.