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Dorron Donald Britz

Fascinated by the intricacies of observed relationships between individuals, between groups, across cultures and interwoven with our environment, I attempt to reveal an intimate glimpse of the human condition.



For example, how can groups of otherwise normal, decent people facilitate Genocides? How do victims find the strength to forgive their aggressors?



I work with any appropriate medium or material that speaks to me and which is available to me at the time. They offer me the means to emote the mysterious feelings and emotions evoked by my observations and experiences.



My thought processes are ever frenetic, grabbing at ideas which streak like bolidic meteors through my mind. My creative processes must then face the challenge of navigating a zig-zag path towards creating an artefact of simple, aesthetic beauty, veering away from over-thinking and complicating the end result.



My process starts with a simple word, object, random idea or specific observation, to be dissected, inspected and over-analysed, to explore the subject to its extreme boundaries before finally simplifying. More often than not I land unexpectedly on a very different idea or concept to that which I started with, always pleasantly surprised when I find ‘simplicity’, overjoyed when I find ‘Wow’.



I actualise personal fulfilment by losing myself in the joy of existential exploration and discovery, recreating a positively transformative reinterpretation of my worldly observations and perspectives. I know when my work has served its purpose; when it triggers in the viewer an emotional resonance. There is beauty in all of life; good outcomes can come from bad beginnings – if we allow them.



Biography courtesy of the artist’s website.