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Edward Gordon Craig
(1872 — 1966)

Born in Hertford in 1872, Craig began his career as an actor at Henry Irving’s “Lyceum Theatre” in London in the 1890’s. Being on the stage inspired Craig to start designing his own figurines and back drops. This fuelled his obsession and he was later taught wood cutting techniques by James Pryde and William Nicholson. Craig worked producing portraits of actors, theatre brochures and book illustrations, submitting his several graphics under pseudonyms. By 1899 however, Craig returned to the theatre and founded the “Purcell Operatic Society”. This achieved an international breakthrough in the art world. His work never managed to reach the level it deserved, however his journalistic influence lasted throughout the 20th Century. In 1926, Craig received the “Order of Knights of Danneborg” and Craig moved to Vence where he lived out the remainder of his life.