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Gary Breeze

“…Breeze works as an ethnographer as much as a carver.… His work is immersed in the particularities of words and voice and culture. He restores language to us through his lettering.”




Gary Breeze is first and foremost a lettercutter of stone and wood. Drawing letterforms for carving is a hard won skill which requires a particular attention to detail: useful to Design in general. Established in 1993 in London after eight years as design student, apprentice and assistant, Gary quickly gained a reputation, not just for technically accomplished lettering and robust design, but for the innovative content of his work, which subsequently won him a number of major public commissions. In more recent years his work has caught the attention of the broader art world culminating in his first major solo exhibition at the New Art Centre Sculpture Park and Gallery in 2004.



Today the workshop produces lettering for a wide range of applications.

Courtesy of the artist’s website.