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George Chapman
(1908 — 1993)

Chapman was born in East Ham in 1908. After attending the Gravesend School of Art, he went onto train as a commercial designer under Ashley Havingden. Chapman worked on numerous campaigns, most notably the London Transport, and he worked alongside Graham Sutherland and John Piper, among others. However, although Chapman’s career was going exceptionally well, he decided to leave his job to follow his pursuit of becoming an artist. Chapman’s artistic training began at the Slade and went onto the Royal College of Art. Chapman’s deafness meant that he was unfit for active service and worked as a teacher at the Worcester School of Art. Chapman later married and moved out of London and would go on teaching graphic design for several more years at the Central School of Art, The London College of Printing and Colchester College of Printing. By 1953, Chapman had relocated again and was living in Wales working in his studio. By 1956, Chapman had his first solo exhibition at the Piccadilly Gallery in London. Chapman quickly gained notice and was chosen to represent Britain in the Venice Biennial. Sadly, Chapman lost his confidence in the 1960s and by 1964 he moved to Aberaeron and stopped painting. It took 20 years before Chapman moved back to Rhondda and took up his art again. Chapman continued working until his death in Aberaeron in 1993.