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Geraldine Knight
(1932 — 2008)

Geraldine Knight began her artistic training in 1949 at the Brighton College of Art before relocating to London to attend the Royal Academy Schools between 1952 to 1956. Following her training as a sculptor, Knight was awarded the Prix de Rome scholarship which enabled the artist to live and work in Italy for two years. Whilst in Italy, the artist began to produce life size sculptures of animals, the likes of which she later exhibited at the Royal Academy summer exhibition of 1986. Knight was an accomplished portrait sculptor, and often produced works intended for use as public sculpture. The artist regularly contributed to building restoration projects due to her proficiency working in bronze and stone. Alongside her professional career as a sculptor, Knight dedicated much of her career to teaching life drawing and sculpture at institutions such as the Sir John Cass School of Art, Twickenham College of Technology and the Kingston College of Art. The artist enjoyed working late in to her life, and spent much of her time working between Oxford and Venice, Italy.