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Helen Chadwick
(1953 — 1996)

Born in Croydon in England, Chadwick studied at the Croydon College of Art and later at the Chelsea School of Art. Much of Chadwick’s work reflected her strong feelings towards the role and image of women in society; some would go as far as to identify her as a feminist. Chadwick used organic materials such as meat, flowers and chocolate. She then went onto using her body for various pieces, most notably “In Ego Geometria Sum: The laborers X”, a performance piece, where Chadwick used her body to lift a box with the picture of her own body – struggling under the weight of her own image. Her work was exhibited at the Barbican in 2004 and later the retrospective touring Manchester, Denmark and Sweden. Sadly Chadwick died of a viral infection after having worked in a hospital.