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Irina Corduban

Irina Corduban studied mural paintings at the G. Enescu University of Art, Romania in 2000 and traditional fresco at the orthodox churches in Romania before moving into the UK to complete a MA in Art at Westminster University in 2012. She continues to work at her studio in Harrow and alongside her practice Irina is an active art tutor promoting traditional paintings.


Irina’s practice combines references from 15th Century, Van Eyck wet in wet technique, layer after layer of thin translucent glazes, with early 19th Century black and white photography depicting women from an early era into her own style of the beauty of the women reforming into chickadees.

Chickadees are a series of new works that describe anatomic nucleus into small particles as the shape of birds from the human body. The static shapes of the elegance and structure of the women body which have been captured before from the camera and her oil paintings are transforming into the shapes of birds. The birds are part of the disintegration of the beauty into shapes of radiation and involved with your imagination and understanding of the beauty of the young woman of the bird chickadee.

Courtesy of the artist’s website.