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Jack Hilton

Jack Hilton, b.1996, is a London-based painter.


Hilton’s work is concerned with fragments of literature, myth and history.


Often a real historical episode is presented like a myth or a biblical drama, riffing on the long tradition of History Painting. Subjects vary from the Tower of Babel to Bayeux Tapestry battleships on fire. In the process Hilton aims to give a fresh sense of emotional resonance or comedy to these scenes.


Hilton uses subject matter as a leaping-off point for more formal exploration of colour relationships and pattern-making. He works in a semi-abstract practice and brings figuration in a heraldic, patchwork kind of way.


Following his degree in English Literature at the University of Sussex, Hilton began painting professionally in 2020. He now lives and works in London. Following his first solo show at The Table in Hay-on-Wye, he is currently working towards another solo in Copenhagen at Galleriet Agnes in the summer of 2024.


Hilton comes from a family of painters. His grandparents were the acclaimed St Ives artists Rose and Roger Hilton.


Biography courtesy of the artist’s website.