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James Butler
(1931 — 2022)

“…there is something that you’ve put into the figure that gives it a life that is other than your own and I think that is an extraordinary thing to be able to do. It’s like a little bit of magic. The process is fascinating and I think that’s what keeps me constantly working – you are constantly trying to magic something outside yourself.” – James Butler

James Butler is one of today’s foremost figurative sculptors. He has been a member of the Royal Academy since 1964; he is also a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors and a Member of the Royal West of England Academy. His many monuments and memorials stand in London and other UK cities and also abroad in Kenya, Zambia, Saudi Arabia, France, Singapore, Madeira and in the USA. His small and medium-size bronzes are in many private collections.



Courtesy of the artist’s website.