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Jamie Gallagher

Jamie Gallagher (b.1977 Edinburgh, Scotland) is a figurative painter living and working in Somerset, England.

Painted predominantly in oils, Jamie’s work explores the concept of ‘identity’, as individuals are forced to experience extremes of psychological and emotional challenge, as well as the current extremes of social, political and cultural disruption.

Shifting uncomfortably from sensitive to brutal, his work finds beauty in life’s more visceral themes.

The raw physicality of painting and a deep connection with the materials and tactility of the process feed the work. From the heavy impasto oils and raw, textured linens to the delicate gold leaf and bleeding inks, each mark is instinctive, each image forged during the process, rather than conceived of in advance.

Having studied at the University of the West of England, Jamie has worked as an award winning creative director for over twenty years across a wide range of media, from print, photography and film to digital, augmented and virtual reality — before choosing to focus on developing a more personal body of work.