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Jan Valik

I approach and consider my paintings as fluid and psychological territories moving between perceptual ambiguities, emotions and evocations of otherness. Held in a strange balance and uncertain of fixed meanings, these semi-open ecosystems are responses to the world in flux of contradictions in effort to reach from subjective towards something universal.


Washes of colour, impulsive brushstrokes or slowly traced shapes depict and conceal at the same time, as I am interested in how the external space affects the internal one and paint from where that intersection is. Reliant on intuition, spontaneity and experimentation and equally on chance and control, the dialogue between process and resulting image shifts back and forth from accidental marks to conjured spaces. Although my paintings are build over time and stirred by real life experience they also indirectly engage with and carry references to other artists’ work.


Floating free-form or morphing into shapes that language can’t fully tackle, my work aims towards simultaneously familiar and weird, illogical or even sublime, refracted towards their internal logic of sorts and coded in fragments, layers and shapes.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.