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Jennifer Ann Summers

Jennifer Ann Summers is a self-taught artist born in Lower Hutt, New Zealand. The majority of her artwork is inspired from both her childhood home of New Zealand and from the United Kingdom landscape. Landscape and map scenes form the majority of her artwork.


Many of her map based drawings appear to have two subject matters depending on the perspective of the observer. Casting your eye over a whole drawing, an image will emerge, slightly disjointed, and reminiscent of a never-ending maze in which no-one gets to the impenetrable finish line. Observing the drawings up close, the second subject matter rises revealing the suburban housing that constitutes each of the segments. These maps reflect suburbia with its endless streets and repetitive structure.


Her painting style is varied, but almost exclusively landscape based, which integrate an exploration of lines in the scene. The lines are used to weave together and create a meaningful image. This method results in a final piece that reflects light subtly depending on where the viewer is standing and visualizing the painting.


Major exhibitions include the UK’s Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition (2015 & 2018), New Zealand’s Parkin Drawing Prize (2020 & 2021), and New Zealand Fine Arts Academy Exhibitions (2020, 2021, 2022, 2023). She is a member for the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.


“It speaks strongly to the nature of our urban environments and their relationship to the overall world in which we live” Charlotte Davy


Courtesy of the artist’s website.