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Jonathan Crawford

I’m interested in investigating the inherent formal properties of objects. This involves the use of found materials but also traditional art materials such as pigment and support. Where found materials are used, the work may express itself as assemblages ranging in scale from hand-size to human-size installations. The found materials favour man-made or industrial elements over any organic or perishable objects. In examining their formal properties, associations with the objects’ original function are removed.



The work asks us to look again at objects or materials we take for granted or overlook. It re-presents them in an unexpected way and challenges us to view and value them anew. The work brings the fundamental artistic preoccupations of line, colour, shape and texture into a dialogue with objects that were never conceived with that in mind. Furthermore, by creating arrangements and compositions that carry a certain monumental character, the work also elevates ordinariness into importance. At root, it reminds the viewer to be aware of their surroundings, to see more than what is ostensibly there and to be open to the possibilities of reinvention.



Information courtesy of the artist’s website.