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Josephine Trotter

Josephine Trotter’s paintings may look direct and simple in the statement, but they are underpinned by disciplines long studied and hard won – disciplines of close observation, organisation and technical address, of light, space and form.



William Packer, art critic for the Financial Times since 1974.



Trotter is an artist who has a powerful feeling for the material she uses: oil paint, in all its glorious physicality. She says “I get so excited about paint, its quality & application. Also, I feel privileged to have trained at a time when drawing was the crux & bones of art education & very hard work. The thing is, I really love painting.” That is abundantly evident from her exuberant work.



Martin Gayford,art critic for the Daily Telegraph and author of The Yellow House & The Man in the Blue Scarf



Courtesy of the artist’s website.