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Joshua Levine

Evolution, revolution.
Survival of the fittest.
Natural Selection vs. Genetic Manipulation
Biotech, cloning, Dolly.
Creating our pets.
New species, unique breeds.
Intensified features and traits.
Better living through science.
Corporate branding.
The Human Genome Project.
Breeding tomorrow’s medicine.
Cracking the code, patenting the drugs.



Basic building blocks of life,
a child’s Tinker-Toys:
A, G, T, C.
Genetic flaws, disease,
Bio diversity eliminated.



Your identity. Who owns it?
What are you? Who are you?
Who is watching you?



Blending of biology and technology.
Patenting genetic organisms.
Nanotechnology, self-replicating machines.
Artificial intelligence, limbs and organs.
Smart animals, smart skin,
Synthetic Biology.
Killing for Conservation,
Exhibitions for the future.



Harvesting foods of the future.
Feeding the world.
Bigger fish, riper bananas.
How do they taste?
Are they safe?



Courtesy of the artist’s website.