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Julia Pomeroy

Julia Pomeroy (b.1998) is an oil painter from London. She is currently studying an MFA at City and Guilds London School of Art and has been awarded the Leverhulme Scholarship to fund her course. She was based in Leeds for the last six years, and was previously a studio holder at Assembly House, Armley. Pomeroy completed her foundation year at City and Guilds Art School in 2017, and graduated from Leeds Arts University’s BFA course in 2020 with a First-Class Honours.


“My painting practice plays with depicting figuration and narrative in an energetic, lucid and semi-abstracted way. This releases paint to communicate a sensory and evocative experience that allows the viewer to decide on what the paintings are saying.


The codes I am developing in my painting harmonise and conflict, questioning the boundaries of what makes up our reality today, between something primal and sci-fi. Differing explorative painting processes, of layering expressive brush strokes onto squeegee-pulled paint or misty, graphic sprayed paint, function to convey underlying psychologies alongside the narratives I depict. These are ignited with saturated colour palettes, strong tonal contrast and broken-up, gestural mark making. Interpreting the artificiality of existence that we emotionally live alongside today.


The cross section of my inspiration comes from digital photographs of personal experiences to harmonising with the void of infinite imagery experienced online, from films to gaming to social media, and also art history. Placed objects and selectively posed figures are collaged into unreal atmospheric narratives. This combined with the juxtapositions in my painting processes, are an attempt to immortalise feelings from the times we are living in and a unity of real emotion with the virtual world.”


Biography courtesy of artist’s website.