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Kim Booker

My paintings are semi-autobiographical, often featuring female figures in poses suggestive of an emotional state. I use bodies as a language with which to express the psychology of the female experience. I work intuitively and see the studio as a place for action and reflection. I want my paintings to arrive on the canvas as things in themselves, rather than representations of a predetermined image or idea.


My process is gestural and instinctive; paintings are constructed through repeated negotiations between the drawn image and its erasure. The works go through multiple iterations, continually informed and shaped by my feelings at the time of making.


My paintings are large. The physicality of the act of painting is important to me. I work with my body, with the brush marks reflecting the reach of my arm. I add colour, or make a drawing on the canvas, but everything is liable to be scrubbed away in a visceral, felt process. Painting is about possibility. As I work things come and go again, but always leaving traces. There is always an integration of abstract colour and the drawn image, with neither dominating. The journey and the experience of painting is as important as the end result.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.