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Lionel Edwards
(1878 — 1966)

Lionel Edwards was best known for his scenes of the British country life. He provided numerous illustrations for Country Life, the Sphere, the Graphic and many books. Edwards grew up in Conway in Wales where he fell in love with fox hunting and country pursuits. Edwards showed talent in his early drawings of horses and his work was admired from an early age. However, it was only when his Mother accepted that his career was not meant for the army that Edwards was permitted to study art in London. Edwards quickly gained recognition and soon became the youngest member of the London Sketch Club. Edwards married a fellow hunter, Ethel Wells, and together they moved to Oxfordshire. When the Great War broke out, Edwards volunteered as a Remount Purchasing Officer and moved with his family to West Tytherley where he would remain for the rest of his life. Lionel Edwards is remembered today for his outstanding contribution to illustration, among them; Black Beauty, Lorna Doone and The Black Arrow. He wrote over 30 books and worked until his death in 1966.