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Maddie Webb

Maddie studied Art Foundation at Cumbria College of Art and Design then graduated from University of Central Lancashire with a BA (Hons) before completing a PGCE in Art & design in 2001 and forging a successful career in Arts Education for some years.


When Maddie transitioned into her painting career, she drew from her diverse range of experiences in the Visual Arts to create her works.She also garners inspiration from the patterns, colours and landscapes of nature, as well as the thoughts, feelings and emotions she resonates with in her daily life.


Maddie feels the greatest joy when her artwork finds its new home. She hopes the owners of her paintings can identify with the inspirations whenever they observe the piece, and that her work can becomes an integral piece of the home.


In her own words: “I hope my paintings can transport the viewer to a serene place in space & time and bring vibrancy and also calm to your home.”


Maddie’s unique and multi-layered paintings in acrylic and oil paints are evocative of the vibrant land and seascapes which inspire her. Originally from Scotland she lived in a beautiful area by the coast. Maddie’s childhood was largely spent by the sea; memories of beach walks, foraging in rock pools and countless holidays exploring the wilds of the highlands inspire her creative process.


Travel also plays a key role in Maddie’s practice and her paintings become a visual journey of these many wonderful experiences.


Biography courtesy of the artist’s website.