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Makiko Nakamura

Makiko Nakamura is a Hamburg based ceramic artist born and raised In Osaka, Japan.



After she studied at kyoto City University of Arts MA course, her passion for Ceramic Art made her to move to London to study at Royal College of Art for another quest.



After she finished Royal College of Art MA course, she started her satisfactory career in London, but a romantic encounter with her husband didn’t allow her to keep staying in London.






Happily ever after, Makiko decided to moved to beautiful city; Hamburg and starts her creation here.

Makiko is making narrative one-off ornament that have fantasy stories behind themwhich attract lots of audience and awarded numerous awards.



Beside working as Ceramicist, Makiko is working as a visiting tutor in Kyoto City University of Arts and also doing many projects with the companies such as Alexander McQueen, etc…



Courtesy of the artist’s website.