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Mark Bennett

Mark grew up in the Cotswolds and has painted from a very young age. He started exhibiting professionally in his early twenties, since then each exhibition has been more and more successful and his paintings can now been seen throughout the country on a regular basis and in private collections throughout the world. Many have described him as a rising star in the art world, his pieces have been compared to the likes of Fabian Perez, Jack Vettriano and Mark Spain and are becoming more and more collectable.


His figurative paintings are full of vibrant colour and bold, textured brushstrokes which exude the movement of his subject. Mark is inspired by many other art forms, particularly dance and music which are the focus of most of his pieces. Mark says of his work, “I love to paint passion and emotions in people and can see this most in dance. I also love the contrast between light and dark and think that this is what makes a good painting. To create my paintings I take photos and make some preliminary sketches before moving onto the board. I paint fast and loose with oils which create great textures.”


Mark now lives in Cirencester with his wife Emily and children Isabella and Harry.

Courtesy of the artist’s website.