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Mark Boxer
(1931 — 1988)

Born Charles Mark Edward Boxer, the celebrated cartoonist who drew under the name of Marc, reflected all of society in his humorous cartoons. Educated at Cambridge University, Boxer went on to devote his life to illustration and journalism. His distinctive work quickly gained favour in major newspapers, among them The Times, The Guardian and The Observer.


Boxer was a self-taught artist, claiming that he had to “see people in their natural habitat and off their guard” to truly capture their character and would go as far as to follow his subjects from restaurant to party to capture them. Among his most famous subjects were Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, Lady Antonia Fraser and Philip Roth. Boxer became the founding editor of The Sunday Times colour magazine in 1962 and was named cartoonist of the year in 1972 after his outstanding contribution to the paper’s cultural section for 12 years. Boxer married twice, first to Lady Arabella Stuart and later to the newsreader Anna Ford. Mark Boxer’s legacy continues to this day. As he said: “Our pleasure in cartoons is recognising the truth they uncover”.