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Michaela Yearwood-Dan

Michaela Yearwood-Dan, a contemporary British artist born in South London in 1994. Completing her BA in Fine Art Painting at the University of Brighton, before residing back in London, Yearwood-Dan often depicts a variety of topics based on observations of society and self. Her works tend to explore themes of class, culture/race, gender and nature and in later more current works love, loss and reflection all whilst remaining playful, personal and vibrant.


Working predominately with paint and collage, Yearwood-Dan’s art is habitually thick and sumptuous with references to both the origins of traditional Fine Art and pop culture; including images of late night food spots, overtly feminine stereotypes, botanical influences within personalised visual narrative. As a contemporary artist working in a historically renowned (and critically in some cases seen as a “dying art form”) Yearwood-Dan’s work heavily focuses on method and technique, often borrowing and adapting traits from western, Japanese and Chinese historical painting and craft. Her vibrant and luxurious style is underpinned by an expansive repertory of cultural signifiers, borrowing freely from millennial culture, blackness and feminism: texting, acrylic-nails, gold-hoops, carnival culture, and a lush, omnipresent flora which evokes seeding, propagation, growth and alludes to the intimate, infinite possibilities of a diaspora. Michaela Yearwood-Dan’s work is in continuous metamorphosis as it is highly expressive and dependent on her own identity, vision and philosophy of life, as a young British artist.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.