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Niccolò Rossi

Niccolò Rossi is a young Italian Designer and Artist.


Last of four brothers, he was born in Monza, a city on the outskirts of Milan in the summer of 1991.


He graduated from Politecnico di Milano in September 2015 in “Graphic and Communication Design” and then he completed in November 2017 his 2-years Master Course of “Art and Design for Public Space” in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Porto (Portugal).


He got a specialisation in 2016\17 in Ceramic with a interchange of 6 Months in the city of Bilbao (Spain), enrolling in the Master Course “Ceramic: Art and Function” in UPV/EHU.


Since February 2018, He has been taking part in a 6-months course of Ceramic in the Faculty of Fine Arts of Porto.


Now his work is concentrated in the use and the study of Ceramic for Art and Design objects.


He’s currently based in Porto (Portugal).





Courtesy of the artist.