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Paul Kleinschmidt
(1883 — 1949)

Born in Bublitz, then part of the German Empire Paul Kleinschmidt began his artistic education at the Berlin Akademie in Germany. In 1904 Kleinschmidt continued his education at the Munich Akademie where the artist developed his engraving and lithography skill before returning to Berlin, where he found work as a graphic artist. In 1908 and 1911 the artist was represented in exhibitions held by the Sezession art groups. Whilst continuing to further his professional career as an artist, Kleinschmidt began to teach drawing from 1915 onwards. In 1923 the artist enjoyed his first solo exhibition in Berlin, followed by a significant exhibition at the Fritz Gurlitt gallery in 1925. His reputation steadily grew and in 1927 the artist was introduced to New York collector Erich Cohn, who would later become his sponsor. The political climate in Germany halted the artist’s professional career, and for a time Kleinschmidt was interred in a prisoner of war. Despite his eventual release, due to the political repression in Germany the artist unfortunately did not paint again before his death in 1949.