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Pejman Ebadi

Pejman Ebadi was born in Tehran, Iran, on March 24, 1982, at the height of the Iran-Irak war. He is aged two when the family leaves the war stricken homeland to find refuge in France. He is four years old when his father, a poet and amateur painter, discovers his precocious gift for painting and drawing. He is encouraged to express himself freely without any particular guidance. He is not tutored and never receives a formal art education. His father takes him to major art exhibitions in Paris and provides him with books of painting of major artists of the 20th century. From the age of four until today Pejman has never ceased to paint, creating a rich, diverse and intense body of work spanning over two decades and covering differnt styles and periods.


Pejman participates for the first time in a collective exhibtion in Paris in 1988 and holds his first solo show in Les Lilas, outside Paris, three years later in 1991. The next year he holds solo shows in Metz, Berlin and Solothurn. Pejman has realised over fifty solo and over twenty group shows so far. Three monographs retrace his entire production until 2007. Pejman has held important venues in Paris, Berlin, Hamburg, Metz, Lyon, Montreal, Toronto, Bern, Zurich and Copenhagen. In the year 2000, Metz’s Arsenal offers him his first retrospective where 150 works covering fifteen years of work are shown in a public institution.


From a very early age Pejman travels extensively around the world. In particular two trips to the Amazone region in 1991 and the following year, leave strong and lasting impressions on him. In the past six years he has been speding half the year in Brazil, Thailand and India and the other half in Nice, the French Riviera, where he has a studio.

Courtesy of the artist’s website.