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Piers Ottey

Born in London, Piers moved to Sussex in 1980. He works in studios in Hackney, London and in Arundel, Sussex.


Much of his work derives from visiting places at home and abroad. He has worked on images from the mountains of Switzerland to city paintings of New York and London.


His recent shows have been in London (Shoreditch) and at Zimmer Stewart in Arundel, where he has shown regularly for seven years.


Other shows include Germany, Paris, Highgate, London, Battersea and King’s Place Gallery London.


His most recent work includes images of urban London and figure work. His work has moved from the square format of the past to rectangles and he likes to work on large scale canvases.


His work continues to be concerned with colour as well as with the relationship between natural space and flat surface geometry.

Courtesy of the artist’s website.