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Richard Prentice

Richard Prentice, Ceramic Artist


As a British ceramic artist and studio potter based in Pembrokeshire on the west coast of Wales, my work is influenced by my surroundings of beautiful countryside, stunning coastal scenery and a land that has heritage and industrial past.


Clay is a commodity that has shaped all of our lives, it surrounds our very existence, from the cup we take our first sip of coffee in the morning from, bricks that make our home, the pipes that run under our feet to a 17th Century Delft Tulip Pyramid we might admire at the Victoria & Albert Museum or a Grayson Perry vase at The Holburne Museum in Bath………as a society of potters we have extracted what is essentially mud and made it beautiful and purposeful.


I have an absolute passion for contemporary and modern art, but also an enormous respect and love for the classics. This is very much evidenced in my work and many of my current projects look at classical ceramic pieces and examine how I can recreate them in a contemporary style. The inspiration from my local landscape translates into an almost abstract impressionistic style of working with clay and glaze; creating unique pieces that have sufficient gravitas to stand alone, yet are connected by their point of origin.


In July 2016 I opened a small gallery in the harbour village of Saundersfoot set amongst the stunning coastline of Pembrokeshire, west Wales. Here you can see my work displayed in a gallery with a contemporary west coast styling. When I am not in my gallery I am busy working in my studio located further along the Pembrokeshire coast.


I very much hope I get a chance to welcome you to my gallery in Saundersfoot, if not, then I hope you enjoy viewing my work on-line. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Courtesy of the artist’s website