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Robert Lenkiewicz
(1941 — 2002)

Remembered as one of the South West of England’s most celebrated modern artists, Robert Lenkiewicz was born in London. At the age of just sixteen the artist was accepted at the Saint Martin’s School of Art and later went on to attend the Royal Academy Schools. Lenkiewicz enjoyed painting members of so-called hidden society; criminals, addicts and mentally ill individuals were offered safe lodgings in his studio in return for the inspiration they provided. In 1964 the artist relocated to Lanreath in Cornwall before being offered studio space in Plymouth by local artist John Nash, where he continued his practice of offering comfort to, and subsequently painting, those in need. In the 1970s Lenkiewicz rose to prominence due to his giant mural painted on the side of his studio space in Plymouth. As his popularity grew the artist later faked his own death in preparation for his forthcoming project on the theme of death, furthering his public opinion as a result.