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Sabrina Tirvengadum

Sabrina Tirvengadum (British Mauritian) is a visual artist based in London. Her artistic practice is a reflection of her diverse background, weaving together her rich cultural heritage and personal experiences. Rooted in her family history in Mauritius and influenced by the impacts of colonialism, Sabrina’s art explores the intricacies of identity, relationships and the human experience. With a background in Photographic Arts from the University of Westminster and years of experience as a graphic designer, Sabrina’s artistic journey is one of continuous exploration and growth.


As a co-founder of We’re All Human, Sabrina strives to promote inclusivity in digital spaces, using her art as a powerful tool to challenge and disrupt ableist systems in both her culture and Western society. Her artwork stands as a testament to her resilience and determination, a vivid tapestry of her personal identity and the diverse stories that have shaped her life.


Sabrina’s practice is a dynamic blend of collages, digital illustrations, generative AI art, graphics and photography. She constantly pushes the boundaries of her artistic abilities and experiments with new techniques and mediums. She invites viewers to join her in a journey of self-discovery and reflection.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.