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Sarah-Athina Nahas

I dismember, assemble, and rearrange parts of bodies, parts of myself; I see the body as an internal landscape full of potentiality and ultimately full of beauty.


When thinking about, blood, pus, flesh, organs, and any bodily fluids, we instantly consider them to be abject things, repulsive parts of ourselves that are better kept under the skin, buried, forgotten.


By denying these essential components, we deny an important part of what makes us human, fragile, but also of what truly connects us all together and make us relatable to one another.


Empathy is the ability of putting oneself in someone else’s skin, and this ability is only made possible because of one main common trait, the body. We all have one that react more or less in the same ways. It is specifically for this forgotten “dirty reality” that I use the lens of the body to talk about human emotions. In other words, I show physiological responses to bodily sensations that I dig in daily experiences, interactions and emotions.


The body containing such varied textures and substances my work and approach to art making end up taking the same shape. The shifting quality of the body stops me from being tied to one format or medium and my work end up going from two dimensional drawings and paintings, to three dimensional sculptures and installations. Making is for me a constant research and understanding of the body through material and textural experimentations.


Fabric and paper remind me of skin, porous, tear-able, sometimes transparent; a skin that contains so much story and on which I draw, write and paint even more stories.


Stories of our insides, of silicone, ropes and wires being turned into rotting pieces of flesh. Or the story of a latex heart hanging by a tenuous thread-vein on the verge of snapping, the same way a broken heart would.


Courtesy of the artist’s website.