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Sian Hoolahan

Born in 1965 West Sussex, UK, ceramic artist Sian Hoolahan has been exploring female wellbeing and care for the environment throughout her artistic career. As a young girl she began creating art as a means of dealing with her mother’s mental health issues and then later with her own personal fight against breast cancer.


When studying her Foundation course at Worthing College of art she discovered a love of creating art using collage and working in ceramics, both of which have remained consistently in her body of work.


Sian was awarded a First-class BA Hons degree in the late 1980s from Camberwell College of Arts, London. Although inspired by nature when growing up in rural surroundings, Sian has lived and worked for many decades in London.


Sian hand builds poetic and surreal small scale ceramic sculptures and tile panels. Our interconnections to the people in our lives and both our internal and external landscapes, are her major themes.


She combines different clays and hand paints her glazes. Each piece goes through several firings to different temperatures. She then paints her pieces using low temperature on-glaze colours and ceramic transfer images until complete.


Courtesy of the artist.